a strongly marked personality – 231/366

Who has had the biggest influence on my day?

Does this mean someone other than myself?

Because I can’t think of anyone that has directly influenced my day.

There are those subtleties, like the woman who I have a very passing acquaintanceship with who said it was sweet that I wanted to send cookies for a wedding cookie table (that is such a cool thing). Or the news that my FIL is in good spirits after a cancer diagnosis (thought the news of the diagnosis sucks shit). The email saying I was definitely accepted into a leadership program and should be getting a packet and email about that soon. Even the LinkedIn message from a high school friend asking after me. And lastly perhaps news that my aunt is out of surgery but doing well in spite of some telemetry unit type issues.

But those feel like a bunch of sprinkles on a cupcake or doughnut, a frill that makes it nice…  but not completely necessary and not sufficient to living well.

In a more metaphysical sense (I am not talking ghosts or things of that ilk, but more in a philosophical sense by which I mean something outside of the physical world) I suppose I am influenced daily and deeply by my ancestors.

My great-great grandfather came to Arizona before statehood (Feb/14/1912). He was a medical missionary to the local tribes. I think of him and his east coast socialite wife navigating the rugged southwest. Or the great-grandparents that came because of the railroad system and tuberculosis and embedded themselves into some of Arizona’s quirkier history.  Another great-grandmother (daughter of the socialite) with a dour disposition and a story I am not sure how to piece together but curious and compelling mixed in with pieces of “do I really want to know”? MY grandparents on both sides – my grandfathers where one was brilliant and educated while the other was a true cowboy of the American west. Their wives similar in that they were both college educated and with different skill sets. One with a love for things creative and the other for a love of teaching (I think).

“I hold that a strongly marked personality can influence descendants for generations.”
~ Beatrix Potter

She makes some pretty awesome singing faces!!!

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