Daily Archives: Thursday, August 18, 2016

It’s what you see – 224/366

Who was the first person I saw today in the last 24 hours?

Not sure why this dude showed up in my image search.                 BTW – its Hippocrates.


My dog, he sleeps at my feet but he is not a person so I guess that doesn’t count.  My husband then, but it was the back of his head so I did not really see him either. I stumbled out of bed to go and make the doughnuts…  ergh, I mean wake up the perfect spawn.  So it may have been him as I have that parent disease all parents get where looking at their kids is fucking magical.  But I was really eff’in sleepy – so it may not have been either.

Maybe it was;

  • My reflection in the mirror as I pondered whether I should brush my hair or not? (it was a half not).
  • Or perhaps the profile of someone on Facebook as I looked at it while I waited for my coffee to finish doing that thing it has to do before it becomes drinkable.
  • Or maybe it was the dude that walks down the street in the mornings when we head off to our daily doings (me – work, perfect spawn – school).

This seems like I was rather mindless. Perhaps that is the greater truth.

“The question is not what you look at, but what you see.”
~ Henry David Thoreau