Daily Archives: Friday, August 12, 2016

Sending out an SOS – 218/366

What was the last text message I received?

OK, let me start by saying I am not really sending out an SOS, that is just a shout out to The Police (see below).

The last text I got was from my cellular carrier telling me I was approaching imminent data death (not really data death, but let’s call it hidden fees)!

My last text that was received by a human I know from my friend asking if I had an old cell phone.

The funny thing is that I use instant messenger apps more than I even text.

“How do text messages make you feel existential?
I start thinking about exactly that: how people can edit a thought before sending it out to the world. They can make themselves seem more well spoken than they are, or funnier, smarter. I start thinking that no one in the world is who they say the are, then my mind goes to how I also edit myself, not just online but in real life, except for those rare instances like right now where I’m ranting- even though that’s a lie because I’ve had this train of thought before and damned if I didn’t tweak it in my head a few times to make it sound better- and then my mind starts racing so furiously I can’t control my thoughts, and I start thinking about robots and wondering if I’m even a real person.”
~ Adi Alsaid, Never Always Sometimes


Richter scale – 217/366 (catch up – maybe)

On a scale of 1-10 my day last 24 hours was were  ____

After a certain age one begins to judge a day by how much sleep they actually got.

I slept a straight six hours and twenty-eight minutes last night… which is a good night for me.

So the last 24 hours have been awesome because of that!

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?”
~ Ernest Hemingway