Daily Archives: Tuesday, August 9, 2016

over and over again said Anais – 212/366 (catch up)

What did I create today in the last 24 hours?


I made cherry salsa.

I sought out the place where I am happy; a lost magical world filled with grace.


“The monster I kill every day is the monster of realism. The monster who attacks me every day is destruction. Out of the duel comes the transformation. I turn destruction into creation over and over again.”
~Anaïs Nin


a finite amount of heartbeats – 211/366 (catch up)

The last time I exercised…..


ha ha ha


oh, maybe it means physical exercise… maybe?

I think it was some sun salutations a few days ago.

“I believe that every human has a finite amount of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste any of mine running around doing exercises.”  
~Neil Armstrong
Tupac seems so fitting for my mood:

dead or alive – 210/366 (catch up)

The prompt was what was the last gift I gave… which I just answered.

What was the last one I received? How about that?

I was gifted with people who seek my counsel, advise, my time, me. Being wanted is perhaps the greatest thing to be given.

“They left like you knew they would. They went away and you fell like a stone. All the way to the bottom of your room. I see you, yes I see you. Sitting in your chair, hating every minute of it. Falling like a stone without even moving. It hurt you to know that you were right about all the shit you wanted to be wrong about. They always leave you. You put yourself in the right place to get left.”  
~Henry Rollins*
  • sometimes I think that Henry Rollins is such a shallow pseudo intellectual hipster of his own genre, so it gave me perverse pleasure to put him in  post with a Bon Jovi song because he gives off the vibe that he things that might somehow be beneath him and to the counter Jon Bon Jovi does not. #judgemuch