Daily Archives: Friday, August 26, 2016

Question everything – 232/366

What can I learn from today the last twenty-four hours?

So much to learn from today. From Everyday!!!

First of all, my dear peeps out there. I have a Facebook page for this place…. go here to check it out!  Then like it, because it is the nice thing to do!

I also imported all my old blog posts from my original blog over here.  I have been blogging 12 years in September (I backdated some things for the sake of the history of my pregnancy)!

What can I learn from today the last twenty-four hours…. hmm

  • I had a very busy week, so I have learned  (ahem – yet again – ) how important sleep is to me.
    • I learned that I love arugula. I mean I knew that, but I guess it was a love recently reinforced!
  • I learned that I love my Dining for Women chapter (OK, I already knew that)! Being with them makes me feel so grateful to be a woman among women who give a shit.  I feel like a stray that they picked up.
    • I realized I do not ever want to be a full-time writer. I do want to write. This feels weird.
  • It is always a good morning when my tween wakes up in a good mood.
    • I will always make someone mad at me. I am actually more OK with this right now that I have ever been before.
  • My oncologist called me unexpectedly. I was not prepared for something like this and started crying. It was good news, but still, I was expecting a card not a phone call.

“Question everything.
Learn something.
Answer nothing.”
~ Euripides