less than three- 255/366 (catch up)

OMG! ____________

 turns into  

I have no idea what to put here for that prompt… my first thought was emoticons.

But what is all this “OMG” business?!?!?!

I have no idea what might be worthy of l33t-like speak – the state of politics, maybe?

“<3. You think that looks like a heart? If you do, that’s only because you’ve never seen scrotum.”
~ David Levithan, Will Grayson, Will Grayson


Set wide the window – 254/366 (catch up)

What went perfectly about my day last 24 hours?

My son and I volunteered as the big Greek festival through his Scout troop.  I love seeing him do service, though it was interesting that he thought of it in terms of what he got out of it rather than the act of it, but he is young and I suppose that will come with maturity.

“Set wide the window. Let me drink the day.”
~ Edith Wharton, Artemis to Actaeon and Other Verses

Marcus Aurelius may have been a douche- 252/366 (catch up)

What was the last thing I said?

I have had a horribly terrible no good cough for three weeks now… it is crap.

Also, that quote of good ol’ Marcus down there… well, it kinda  pissed me off. Because, in my grumpy state, it seems to presume that most people don’t know that is a good idea and is all judgy and shitty. I don’t feel good, remember…

“Do every act of your life as though it were the very last act of your life.”  ― Marcus Aurelius

the face of a convincing adult – 251/366

Was I stressed today in the last twenty-four hours?  Why?



::deep breath::

I am supposed to be a part of this new woman focused leadership program but it has been stressful. I never received my packet , so I have not seen anything official that I was accepted though I suppose an email with a “you’re in” was enough to let me know I was a participant.

I asked and was promised that then the invoice part came and they still got that wrong – I am shaking my head because I frankly expect more from women. And as a women targeted program it SUCKS so far! I am trying to be more patient since I would be in the inaugural class.

I still have no idea what I have not received, and I am trying my hardest to treat this like an exercise in managing my patience.

As for the leadership program, I am sure there is more to come about that here!  It starts tomorrow.

“…the child trying not to appear as a child, of the strenuousness with which she tried to present the face of a convincing adult.”
~ Joan Didion, Blue Nights

sitting around on my lazy ass – 250/366

What did I do with my free time today in the last twenty-four hours?


I watched Australian TV on Netflix and then made cheesy cauliflower rice.



“I’m a great reader that never has time to read.”
~ Eudora Welty



“You may be wondering what else I do with my free time. I spend a lot of it sitting around on my lazy ass watching TV. But also do you, so don’t judge.”
~ Andy Weir, The Martian

“Free time is a terrible thing to waste. Read a book.”
~ E.A. Bucchianeri

the loutishness of learning – 247/366 (catch up)

When is the last time I intentionally wasted a whole day?

but first – 1 picture, 2 questions, 3 quotes, 4 videos… interesting.

Two questions;

  1. Define waste?
  2. A whole day?

I waste plenty of time by other people’s (and certainly my own) standards.

“Spend the years of learning squandering Courage for the years of wandering Through a world politely turning From the loutishness of learning.”  
~ Samuel Beckett    
 “Youth is wasted on the young.”  
~ George Bernard Shaw           
 “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”  
~ Charles Darwin