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Whats for dinner 7/365

It is supposed to be about what I had for dinner, but that has not happened yet today… but, I do know what I will be having.


From this site.

Though I call it cochinita pibil.

I also pickled some onions.

from this page.

I did not really follow either recipe. I made the pork in a crock pot, because I thought it would make the house  smell awesome.  It did! I also improvised an achiote paste – and yes, I keep achiote in my pantry. I also used a blood orange.  Because of the slow-cooker and the improvised achiote paste, the meat is not as orange-brown as is traditional, but it tastes wonderful!

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Last “good” thing that I ate? 2/365

Eating is an incredibly social event. So my best memories of food are related to events that had other people present.

After a one year hiatus, we were finally able to host Christmas dinner again and it was as wonderful as I wanted.

We had schnitzel, which has become the family expectation for the family Christmas dinner.

However, there is one part of it that I look forward to every year and that is the desserts that my friend Deborah brings.

Holy cow, this woman has mad baking skills, and the time with which to put hem in action. She brings a selection of these delectable culinary delights that make me unabashedly happy.

She brought four items that meet everyone’s dietary needs (she is THAT awesome). This year she brought a basque pear cake (that she has made before and my husband found memorable enough to request), a bourbon custard pie, some candied pecans, and a chocolate salted caramel tart.

That chocolate tart was awesome!!!

So the last “good” thing I ate was Christmas day food… from the soup to the schnitzel to the amazing desserts.

When I did the search of the tart to try to find a picture of the tart I ended up seeing a picture of my least favorite dessert ever; the Sacher Torte.

You try being married to an Austrian and finding this dessert unpalatable.  I told my husband this shortly after we got married and his sister had the hotel send us a torte in the mail (they serve her wine there).


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