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Thursday Thirteen

because sometimes I need some form of inspiration…

Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

1. I am apparently named after one of my father’s girlfriends in college (not my first name though)
2. My first name is unbelievably hard to pronounce in Spanish and that created problems for me growing up, so I would go by other names…
3. My brother and I have a “not exactly elegant” pair of initials together, which some of my fathers people (aka family) like to state every time I see them… I am almost 40, it has been old for a while.
4. A translation of my first name says that it means field or plain
5. My middle name means lord or goddess of the sea
6. Both are originally boy’s names though that has apparently changed since the 1980’s
7. I like that I can make several puns with my first name – ahem the name of this blog.
8. I hated my name growing up (though probably because no one could pronounce it more than I just plain ol’ didn’t like it) and had a sit down talk with my dad at age 8 about changing it, I actually suggested the following names as options; Reina and Isabella. (I am still trying to figure out where that came from)
9. I get called Claire an awful lot
10. 25247 – my first name using phone code
11. IFF people get my name right, they try to put an e on the end of it… there isn’t one, hasn’t been… ever.
12. I have many aliases, all legal. This makes filling out some legal forms a bit of a trial though.
13. I know very few women that share my name, and I love that when someone calls out “Blair” within hearing distance, it is 99.97% of the time directed at me.

I hate references to the TV show “Facts of Life”… for those that knew me way back when also know that “the other name”, when the show was running, was a bit to close for comfort.

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I start with this Thursday and these Thirteen because I thought there was a “weekly theme” and the code I had to paste in was updated to show that… but really when I read more of the directions, it just says to write about whatever… but I am leaving this like it is,because for one brief shining moment, there was a theme and it was about our name and not where I was supposed to insert mine.