it all seemed quite exceptional – 281/366 (catch up)

What was the lastpiece of furniture I bought?

Geez…. I think it was a side table. I bought it when the church that my family helped found sold the building and all its goods. I wanted some reminder of that place, those people.  My grandfather got locked in the turret/steeple when he was a little boy. I liked feeling my ancestors there.

That one right there, this was the church of my ancestors… before they sold it.


“In actuality, it was like the homes of all people who are not really rich but who want to look rich, and therefore end up looking like one another: it had damasks, ebony, plants, carpets, and bronzes, everything dark and gleaming—all the effects a certain class of people produce so as to look like people of a certain class. And his place looked so much like the others that it would never have been noticed, though it all seemed quite exceptional to him.”
~ Leo Tolstoy, The Death of Ivan Ilych And Other Stories

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