Daily Archives: Wednesday, September 14, 2016

the face of a convincing adult – 251/366

Was I stressed today in the last twenty-four hours?  Why?



::deep breath::

I am supposed to be a part of this new woman focused leadership program but it has been stressful. I never received my packet , so I have not seen anything official that I was accepted though I suppose an email with a “you’re in” was enough to let me know I was a participant.

I asked and was promised that then the invoice part came and they still got that wrong – I am shaking my head because I frankly expect more from women. And as a women targeted program it SUCKS so far! I am trying to be more patient since I would be in the inaugural class.

I still have no idea what I have not received, and I am trying my hardest to treat this like an exercise in managing my patience.

As for the leadership program, I am sure there is more to come about that here!  It starts tomorrow.

“…the child trying not to appear as a child, of the strenuousness with which she tried to present the face of a convincing adult.”
~ Joan Didion, Blue Nights