Sorry was for suckers – 246/366

My life would be easier if….

You know, I have had a super easy life. I was born to parents with above world average wealth in a third world country.  My biggest hardships are first world ones;

  •  Being sexually abused by an employee of my parents as a small child – but I was raised with enough confidence that I alone nipped those attempts in the bud. n.b. This is the first time I have made this public like this.
  • Navigating hate when moving to the USA – for me it built a certain aspect of my character and included a willingness to be kind and stand up to bullies.
  • My scandalous parents divorce – hey, I had together parents for a while it makes for an interesting story.
  • Animal rights people hate me because of my father bullfights. I have been spit on because of this. Makes me hate fundamentalist type activists of any kind.
  • High-risk pregnancy – I had access to quality medical care.
  • A preemie in NICU – the decision to have him get last-rites was the hardest I have ever had to make but still, he had access to quality medical care and had a real good chance of making it.
  • Cancer – it was low stage and easily treatable and again, I had access to medical care.


So what would make it easier? I don’t know that in my mind that is even a truly viable alternative. Or is it?

Nah, I can’t ask to have it all any easier than I have had it.



“Everybody was sorry. Sorry was easy. Sorry was for suckers.”
~ Gretchen McNeil

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