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another dimension of space – 243/366

Name three things I should have done today….


ok, so here goes…  I really could have

  1. done something I can’t name but isn’t bad but this is public, y’all
  2. woken up earlier
  3. made a dinner plan


By Fewskulchor - editor Eugenio Hansen, OFS [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Fewskulchor – editor Eugenio Hansen, OFS [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The picture above reads as: The creative person should have no other biography than his works. B. Traven, 1882?-1969

“Should is a futile word. It’s about what didn’t happen. It belongs in a parallel universe. It belongs in another dimension of space.”
~ Margaret Atwood

you laugh at what you can – 242/366 (catch up)

The last doctor appointment I made was because….

my favorite old-timey doctor

For me personally? It was with my oncologist because I had cancer and I was being followed every 4 months and at my next appointment in December it is going to be every six month for a total of 5 years…  or was it with my eye doctor for the extra dry eyes I have?

For my Squink, it was to get his last HPV vaccination… because I am hell pressed to make sure he does not get the same kind of shit I had.

“You know what the doctor said to me to cheer me up?” Fat said. “There are worse diseases than cancer.”
“Did he show you slides?”
We both laughed. When you are nearly crazy with grief, you laugh at what you can.”
~ Philip K. Dick

A duo of songs that are an homage to my quirky music taste.

the suppers of their own mystery – 241/366 (catch up)

What store do I frequent the most?

I hate shopping. I hate all kinds of shopping. I hate going to the grocery store, I hate buying clothes.

This is a new thing, relatively speaking. I am not sure when I started hating it, but am guessing it is working on 30 years… probably more.

It is a necessary evil to my poor self.

If I were to be condemned to shop for the rest of my life but were given the opportunity to pick one, I would probably pick grocery shopping at a store that had lots of choices. Wegmans maybe?

“And suddenly, not a soul’s at the store as for other & similar & just as blank reasons, they’ve gone to the silence, the suppers of their own mystery.”
~ Jack Kerouac, Book of Sketches