Daily Archives: Saturday, September 3, 2016

You’re playing with fire – 240/366

What makes me feel most alive?

  • Intellectual conversations 
  • My family, when we are being nice
  • When I’m on an adventure 
  • When I’m being civilly disobedient 
  • A good “o”
  • When I notice my synesthesia (smells have colors)
  • Laughing with Squink
  • New places
  • The desert after a rainstorm 

A friend once told me the terrible/uncomfortable/chaotic things are what makes them feel alive. I suppose those do too… but it’s a different kind. The kind that makes one realize there is both a cavernous canyon and an slim invisible line between wanting to die and wanting to kill yourselves (thankfully *knock-on-wood* I’ve never felt the later)… that’s not alive, that’s more like not dying.

“You’re playing with fire,” she warned him. “That’s how I know I’m alive.”
~ Neil Gaiman, Unnatural Creatures