we’re not all assholes – 234/366 (catch up)

Did I pay it forward?

I live in a constant state of indebtedness to the idea of paying it forward.

But I don’t under pay or over pay it forward. This is to an idea of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth… when giving back, in the sense of paying it forward there is a sacred element, like  a calling to a higher duty. This concept makes my newly atheist self completely lost, but it is like a contract with my fellow humans.

I think I need to re-evaluate how I do it, I think I have been giving it back all wrong.

The other day my husband was very upset about someone complaining about Mother Teresa.  I told him that not everyone can see the blessing through the tarnish. Teresa herself struggled with hearing God.  Unlike me, she kept trying to listen. But, I am not sure God or a higher power in a deity sense has to be mandatory to the equation.

I have benefit greatly from those time when people have given to me, so I try to give to others.

“Every once in a while try to do something nice for somebody you don’t know, even if it’s just leaving an opening in traffic for them to merge into, small things like that give people hope that we’re not all assholes.”
~ Joshua Neik

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