Sending out an SOS – 218/366

What was the last text message I received?

OK, let me start by saying I am not really sending out an SOS, that is just a shout out to The Police (see below).

The last text I got was from my cellular carrier telling me I was approaching imminent data death (not really data death, but let’s call it hidden fees)!

My last text that was received by a human I know from my friend asking if I had an old cell phone.

The funny thing is that I use instant messenger apps more than I even text.

“How do text messages make you feel existential?
I start thinking about exactly that: how people can edit a thought before sending it out to the world. They can make themselves seem more well spoken than they are, or funnier, smarter. I start thinking that no one in the world is who they say the are, then my mind goes to how I also edit myself, not just online but in real life, except for those rare instances like right now where I’m ranting- even though that’s a lie because I’ve had this train of thought before and damned if I didn’t tweak it in my head a few times to make it sound better- and then my mind starts racing so furiously I can’t control my thoughts, and I start thinking about robots and wondering if I’m even a real person.”
~ Adi Alsaid, Never Always Sometimes


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