Daily Archives: Friday, July 1, 2016

I think we’re alone now – 176/366

Was I alone today?


My son is sick, I am sick – my husband is out-of-town so Squink (my son) and I were home sick together.

It was, though, an interesting day. I will say that HAVING to do laundry (that kind of sick) was exhausting. Then the power went out, and my dog demanded a walk, so I took him for a short walk, which felt awful, but not as awful as doing “sick laundry”. I thought a bit about trust, and how cancer can give people PTSD, then I thought I hope that isn’t my cop-out. Then I thought about how it is so hard to love family that throw you under the bus when you are low, but what if they did it because they were just because they were in agony over the diagnosis too… but really?

this image best represented the alone I feel after “the cancer diagnosis”

I am not doing this forgiving thing well. At this point, I would prefer to hide away from people than deal with them.