Monthly Archives: June 2016

message in a bottle – 161/366

What was in my email (or mail) today yesterday?


Table with a mound of junk mail

Not my mail in the picture, but it could be.

Yet another bill, a ton of junk mail, and thank you card from a family I had arranged to take dinner to as they mourn the death of their father.

I am going to try to get in the habit of writing one handwritten letter a week.


A gazillion newsletters!

A few Junior League emails.

An email from a Colombian friend who I got to visit with while they were in town.


One of a kind – 158/366

How was today  were the last 24 hours unique?

Each day is a marvel and unique so I am not sure what I would need to make a day unique.

I suppose it is that we finally went swimming as  family in our pool.  Even the dog, who raced around the side and would get on the first step as we used our water gun to shoot streams of water at him. It was a cool night and we planned that when the water gets warm, so that it is almost uncomfortable to be in, that we would get a block of ice to throw in the pool to play.

not our pool


the cost of living – 157/366

How much is in my wallet right now?






I hate carrying cash. I love what not carrying cash means… if I don’t have it I won’t spend it. I hate spending money that much,  that I use credit cards only for real necessities… like gas for the car.  I don’t like to spend money at all, and valet’s, don’t get me started on how much I hate the idea of them so much (a cash based transaction)! Actually, I dislike the idea of them enough that I  will avoid at all costs using them, and don’t like to go to restaurants that use them.


n.b. – this was supposed to be Sunday’s post, but somehow a post got published that should not have been published (on friendship – it was a prompt for me to write).