One of a kind – 158/366

How was today  were the last 24 hours unique?

Each day is a marvel and unique so I am not sure what I would need to make a day unique.

I suppose it is that we finally went swimming as  family in our pool.  Even the dog, who raced around the side and would get on the first step as we used our water gun to shoot streams of water at him. It was a cool night and we planned that when the water gets warm, so that it is almost uncomfortable to be in, that we would get a block of ice to throw in the pool to play.

not our pool


2 thoughts on “One of a kind – 158/366

  1. I love the “not our pool” disclaimer. Gosh, from managing apartments I remember one super hot summer the pool was a bit crowded because of the heat and the water was way too warm and I had to get out because I felt like it was a little too much for me. I’m not really a germ freak, but public warm swimming water freaks me out a bit. Well, that was a tangent – sorry about that! I’m glad you had some family time in the pool – many great memories are made poolside! Love!

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  2. Warm pools in Arizona speak to how hot it gets here. Hot pools require so much more chlorine and such that they are probably the safest in terms of germs (at least here) – I am freaky about artificially heated pools though).


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