Daily Archives: Friday, May 27, 2016

Oops, I am probably not that smart – 141/366

So, I went to look up what today’s prompt was and realized that I have been using June instead of May for a bit….


So,  it seems like I made the error and stuck to in on June May 6th…

Note to self from June 6th to June 26th, use the May prompts (but double-check in case you got it right).

Anyway, today’s official prompt is “what music did I hear today?” – and this is exciting…

…because the post not only allows for me to use an excessive amount of ellipses, but I also get to say I am going to hear my favorite local band tonight, one I have not heard since 2009.

Here is a song I was able to find:

I loved this band.

this card is called the suicide king

I was friends with most of them. The drummer at the start was a very dear friend of mine (the kind you get into all kinds of crazy adventures with), but he got kicked out… well, it was because he was not that good a drummer.  The lead singer, let’s call him Biff (not his real name), was a great person to talk to.  That, and we were both the subject of the disdain of a tiny little elf of a girl for reasons neither of us are quite sure of.

Biff was one of the few people who admired old country-style  music. I had a soft spot for old cowboy music and would share my music with him. It was nice to have a musician that I admire validate my musical preferences.

As a side note; Biff called the Britney song above a pretty good pop song… I would tend to agree!