the good, the bad , and the ugly – 140/366

Was I “good” or was I “bad” today?

I need a definition, two of them actually.

I did not commit a grievous acts, not was I particularly wonderful and angelic.

I was a human, trying my best… mostly succeeding, sometimes not doing so hot at that succeeding thing.

But, in general, I am OK with who I am. I have made some mistakes and I have had some things I consider successes. I am getting more confident, and not the brave face kind that is actually pasted on… I am finding the kind of confidence that is really about how much I believe in me.  This is kind of cool, though… please… know that this is still a huge work in progress.

I don’t want to feel like a failure anymore, but that is something I have to own. It is interesting to get to the place that I know that this is something that is mine, not something that is gifted to me by others.  This is weird. I mean it is so obvious when you see it in words but so different in practice.



3 thoughts on “the good, the bad , and the ugly – 140/366

  1. Blair, you’ve got great insights. I wonder if you’d be interested in sharing your take on our ‘What Do You Live For?’ segment over at The Intentional Peach? We would love to hear what you have to say, on it and any of our other topics that may interest you.



  2. That sounds like a wonderful chance to spend some deliberate time exploring my rambling thoughts. What I live for, sounds like a good question to ask myself right about now too! Am I able to cross post (post my essay here and submit it to you – or conversely, submit it and if accepted publish the link here and post)?

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