Daily Archives: Thursday, May 26, 2016

the good, the bad , and the ugly – 140/366

Was I “good” or was I “bad” today?

I need a definition, two of them actually.

I did not commit a grievous acts, not was I particularly wonderful and angelic.

I was a human, trying my best… mostly succeeding, sometimes not doing so hot at that succeeding thing.

But, in general, I am OK with who I am. I have made some mistakes and I have had some things I consider successes. I am getting more confident, and not the brave face kind that is actually pasted on… I am finding the kind of confidence that is really about how much I believe in me. ┬áThis is kind of cool, though… please… know that this is still a huge work in progress.

I don’t want to feel like a failure anymore, but that is something I have to own. It is interesting to get to the place that I know that this is something that is mine, not something that is gifted to me by others. ┬áThis is weird. I mean it is so obvious when you see it in words but so different in practice.