Daily Archives: Tuesday, May 24, 2016

huh? – 138/366

“Without looking at the previous years entry first, sign your name.”

I have no idea what the fuck this prompt means. I feel like I am not privy to an inside joke.

So here goes



Then there are these;



None of which may be actually mine.

What do I want to talk about…


For the first time in months and months I slept through the night. Wow, I feel the most rested I have in months. It is a bit disconcerting though. In a good way.

My state of being?

I do not feel as angry at my mother, I figure I am going to have to live with it and I am finding the strength to set my boundaries and not really worrying if she won’t respect them.

Betrayal and friendship

Still sucks, but coming to terms with what that would looks like for the friendship.


I had a long ass panic attack after a board retreat recently. I am  not sure why. Maybe because I felt a bit micro managed. I hate being micro-managed. I am not sure how to address this issue with the president, I believe she is at the helm of micromanagement.