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Dear Texas

Dear Texas,

I was raised to be gentle but I am at the point where I just have to say something. So, I am choosing this platform where I only officially call out one person, and I call her out because her doing this seems so out of line with what her work is.

Your state pride borders on being a cult. When even Dr. Brene Brown will wax poetic and extol its virtues as some sort of sacred space (near the end of her book Rising Strong) as compared to others, in her case it was about its “women”, I think we have  a problem.  Actually, I hear this so much from my Texas friends, I think my eyes my roll right out of my head sometime soon.

There is not something magical in your water, the women are not better, smarter, better cooks, better looking, resilient… these kinds of women are from all over the world… I might even venture to say that the women who were born into poverty in a third world might be more resilient than “ya’ll” are.

I so really roll my eyes. I am a proud descendant of a long line of women that I know had to suffer through things like famine, war, loss, pain, drought… and I know they are no more special than any of you. Our ancestors fought similar battles.  You know, we are all our own people, it doesn’t matter where we were born, what was happening, who was there, who settled it, or even when it was… everyone on this planet is trying the best they can. Ya’ll talk real loud sometimes.

sometimes it feels like it, not that funny

P.S. I make a mean pecan pie and sheet cake, but that shit is unhealthy to eat too often.

“I told you so?” – 133/366

What is the most important thing I was told today…

Normally I would use the last 24 hours on days when I post early in the morning, but nothing stands out.

I am doing well, though I am emotionally frustrated.  Thankfully, I have enough of an awareness to keep working on that.

Perhaps the thing I was told today that I find interesting enough to mention is this:

Try this: Take a 1-inch x 1-inch square of paper and make a list of people whose opinions matter to you – those people who love you, not in spite of, but because of your vulnerabilities and imperfections. Brown says, “If you need more paper, you need to edit”.

I heard this on a book on tape but found this description, here.

I am working on mine, but I am having trouble deciding if the people who are coming to mind are truly eligible to be there.