Daily Archives: Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How much is too much – 132/366

There is no such thing as too much____

Today on my ride in I heard Brene Brown call hope a cognitive process and not an emotion.  I thought this was interesting as I have made the same claim about joy. A cognitive process is a learned behavior, it is not an emotion. And since I had already ascribed this to joy and now I recognized that hope was an add in, I thought about the Christian “advent”. After all, the two I was thinking about were half of that.

The other two are faith and love. Faith, for me, is also a cognitive process. I will or may get back to this.  Then there is love (proclaimed at one biblical point to be the greatest of these).

There is something cyclical about these, a chicken or the egg dynamic. Which one leads, was first, the origin?

Anyway,  there is not such thing as too much of any of these… at least in their pure form (and not feigned of forced).