Daily Archives: Thursday, May 12, 2016

We Can – 126/366

How do I do it?

Do “it”?

What is “it”? My gut tells me that it refers to managing the complexities of everyday life… or what my 12-year-old is giggling about.

In terms of life, I take it one moment at a time whenever I can. This has been the hardest ever for the last 2 years. Managing the complexities of a serious diagnosis is interesting. I wonder why cancer was so different from valley fever. I assume it is the stigma attached to cancer? I wonder does it have the same thing goin’ on in other parts of the world?  It was not too long ago that having cancer was kept secret, that when someone passed away the mattresses and sheets were tossed away. Even today, I meet folks of various ages that practically whisper the word.  It must seem scandalous to people, to hear me talk about it rather openly.


As so how I do it, the grown up interpretation…

I try to be in each moment > because I am in each moment I tend to over-commit for future moments  >  when I over commit my family suffers  > when my family suffers I apologize and try to be more mindful of how present moments interact with future moments.  I am getting better.


The Moment by James Ward