Daily Archives: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Shake it out – 125/366

What makes me confident or what am I confident about?

I was just having a conversation about this the other day – I am applying to a leadership program and I am not good at extolling my skills and when I find out I will have competitor applicants I tend to worry that I am just not good enough!  So as I pondered this prompt, I had to think about that.

So, what am I confident about? My gut response is to say “nothing”.

I am prone to hate talking about what I am good at, in part because (frankly) someone else will always be better . I used to claim that I was a nice person… but a friend repeatedly and insisted upon referring  to me as a bitch and “not nice” when I would make such an assertion, has laid that confidence to rest.

I suppose I would be comfortable saying I am a human. I am confident of that, though I feel like I should add that I am apparently not a very nice one.