We’re going to be friends – 123/366

Who is my most reliable friend…

If I were a firm subscriber to the idea that our spouse is our best friend it would be him, but I don’t think a marriage partner is a best friend. Ones spouse is a part of a wonderfully complex relationship that is so much more than just that, friendship. To call my husband my friends just seems so reductionist to me.  Though he winds so much in the friendship department, but he is so much more to me.

As for friends, and reliable ones at that… I think it would be my friend John, I have known him since I was a teenager and while full of his own glorious quirks, he has been the most reliable friend I have had.  His wife is equally marvelous, but she doesn’t have the test of time that he does… and if there is one thing John is, it is reliable and consistent.

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