The green monster – 112/366

No, this is not about absinthe… though I am a fan and have a kick-ass story about one Christmas we hosted that started with an absinthe tasting component and ended where I started making up drinks (with names like blairs afternoon delight) and ended up on my bathroom floor. It was epic and has become a family favorite!

The prompt is:   Who am I jealous of?

  • people who haven’t had cancer
  • people with a clean house
  • people with a house that is not in dire need of fixing up
  • people who know how to wear make-up
  • people with an excellent sense of style


I think that covers it. All really rather innocuous in the grand scheme of life and not any ind of jealousy that I find disruptive… it falls more into the “Geez, wouldn’t it be nice…” category of jealousy than the more gruesome kind.

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