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I am a rancher at heart, now I have brand to show for it!

My house was built before Arizona was a state.  As such, it has seen so many things and as I go to bed each night I try not to worry about the leaky pipe or the wobbly porch with a hole in it and instead try to concentrate more on what stories it has to tell.

This past weekend the grandson of the second owner of our home stopped by for a visit.
He grew up in the house and shared some marvelous stories with me. 
I learned that there is a cover-up and I was sworn to secrecy.
I learned that Wilford  Hayden would ride his old mule from the ranch about five miles north after dinner and sit on the porch chattin’ until well past midnight.
I learned that the brand the Stevenson family use (and did so when they lived in my home) was this:
can we pretend it is for 6 Squink or (last name redacted)?
Also, my cousin has a brand that needs to be renewed
I learned that I need to crash the next meeting of the Scottsdale Old-Timers club! 

finding balance – 75.2/366

I struggle with trying to reconnect with my mother.

There are many times when I have found her comforting and helpful, but when she delivers her scorpion stings, I recoil and am slow to return.

For example; I learned that a friend that had been diagnosed with prostate cancer just learned that they had recurrence. I was devastated by the news and tried to talk to my mother about her. her first comment was “Maybe he should have kept it in his pants.”

… sigh…

I tried to tell her  that there was no currently known link between sexual activity and prostate cancer,  that it might be a valid argument.  It was heartbreaking that she said this. When I approached her about claims made about loose women getting cervical cancer, she denied them… but here was proof that she issued thoughtless commentary at a whim. her denials seemed to be in vain after such a statement.


This past weekend I was struggling and was wishing I felt safe enough to call her and be supported. I did not call, I did not think she would be supportive.  I mean it is entirely possible she would have been, but it was not worth the risk, I am working to hard at that staying content or happy thing. So, I never called.

Then, yesterday, she sent this article through an online messenger:

The Family Footsteps We Follow By Frank Bruni (NYT)

I am not sure what her thoughts were in sending it, but this was my comment back to her: “That was fascinating, keeping balance between support and oppression”. There was no follow-up from her.

I know nothing – 75/366

The greatest wisdom comes from____________________________

First of all, did you ever watch Hogan’s Heroes?

Knowing nothing reminds me of the guy on the left.

So, according to Socrates, he was  genius!

Anyway, wisdom. Where does it come from?

Experience? Not entirely

Pain? Nope, not that either.

Joy? I find that doubtful.

I am beginning to suspect there is no such thing!

Wonder what this guys says;

I don’t know that he got it either. But, he makes some interesting points… I like the one about rules fostering mediocrity.

“It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

Vacations – 74/366

I am in the mood to be irreverent.

I don’t do vacations, at least in the traditional sense.  My mother did take me on a cruise a few years ago, but as fun as I had I must say that it was also hard work.

I prefer experiences. I don’t feel like being tired after them is a contradiction, but more of a cause for celebration since it is about having completed something that resulted in being tired.

So, My last experience was camping and organizing all but the food for 23 cub scouts and their families in a family sponsored camp-out.  It is our last year as a cub scout family, I am excited about moving on, but I have been in the pack since Squink was a tiger scout so it was a grand farewell to plan!


Glad you came – 73/366

What are you glad you did today?

I am glad I did my Pilates class and that I can feel a significant improvement in my core.

I’m glad my son ran to the ice cream truck and brought me back a bomb pop (original flavor).


I’m glad I spent some time talking to the grandson of the second owner of my house and learned some absolutely wonderful stories.

I’m glad I made corned beef and cabbage today, since we couldn’t eat any on St. Patrick’s day (gave up red meat for lent, and allowing myself Sunday cheat days for the first time in a long while instead of my usual following of Coptic rules). 
I think this is a perfectly fine pop-song, perhaps annoyingly so.

Carpe diem – 70/366

Did I seize any opportunities?

Oh holy mother of god, this is a good one.

I hate being made aware of missed opportunities, especially those that have a hint of adventure. I tend to regret those so I try new things constantly, much to the chagrin of people that love me… if only because I tend to take more risks as a result of not wanting to miss something educational or fun.

As a result, I tend to embrace change more quickly as I have come to recognize that with change comes diversity in opportunity!