Vacations – 74/366

I am in the mood to be irreverent.

I don’t do vacations, at least in the traditional sense.  My mother did take me on a cruise a few years ago, but as fun as I had I must say that it was also hard work.

I prefer experiences. I don’t feel like being tired after them is a contradiction, but more of a cause for celebration since it is about having completed something that resulted in being tired.

So, My last experience was camping and organizing all but the food for 23 cub scouts and their families in a family sponsored camp-out.  It is our last year as a cub scout family, I am excited about moving on, but I have been in the pack since Squink was a tiger scout so it was a grand farewell to plan!


2 thoughts on “Vacations – 74/366

  1. I agree, experiences vs trips. I haven’t been on ‘vacation’ in years, but I’ve had some amazing experiences! Life is truly what you make of it. Why are you parting ways with the scouts? Especially if it’s been such a good experience?


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