Daily Archives: Monday, March 14, 2016

ye who enter here… 68/366

have faith (yes, I know its supposed to be abandon all hope, ye who enter here).

The prompt – What three things do I have faith in?

Goodness, this is a hard post to think about… much less write.

I lost all faith last year, nearabouts this time. Haven’t really found it, either.

This might sound desperate in some way, but I have come to this place where it is OK.  I miss those days where I thought there was an inherent good in people who would prevail, but consider that to have been an act of faith.  I think in general, people can be douchebags and that it is a true act of being to be nice. I have moved from having faith in the good of people to trying to honor the good acts of people… so, see… it is still good.

The things I miss the most after losing faith is that feeling hope is pretty much gone.

Even that has a workaround.

It would be nice to have faith that I won’t get cancer again. Changes are, I will. The facts tell me that. What I can do is move from facts and make and act upon choices that can change that delay or prevent.

What is interesting in this thinking are several things;

Faith and Hope require action or it becomes wishful thinking.

Action does not require faith and hope.


I suppose, one thing I do that might be called faith is to trust my gut when it comes to people.  Though that might be just a subtle avoidance strategy.

oh, this is complicated.

I want to say that I have faith in my son, but he is who he is and I have to let that be… I can’t hope him to be a better person, but I can mother him in a way that helps foster that.

One thing I will say is that the opposite of faith is not doubt, nor is it reason, or even fear….  many people seem to confuse that. It took losing it to understand that. However, I don’t think faith is something to be despised or detested.