Daily Archives: Friday, March 11, 2016

you lift me – 65/366

What did I find inspiring today (recently)?

I tend to be one of those people who avoids posting about politics on social media. Mainly because my father can go a bit too much into his tea-bag.

However today, I was challenged by a local news anchor to post about this hot button issue.

So I did.

It was scary, but inspiring!

Essentially, for me, the issue boiled down to this:

I wanted to know why this had passed the AZ house, but was being denied a hearing in the AZ senate?
Additionally, many years ago I worked at a nurse based mobile and portable health care ┬áprogram that provided primary care services and assisted with finding services when more were needed to the very same population that this bill would serve. While I can extol the importance of access to health care for a community, there is so much more to this. The cost savings alone is worth our investment, these children were healthy enough to attend school regularly. Attending school regularly promotes a better education. A better education promotes a better community member and reduces potential adjudication. It’s a cycle we can help break; one of poverty and adjudication by making sure our most vulnerable, our children, receive the health case necessary to give them a chance to enjoy all the wonders of our state.

Call to the senator, done!