Daily Archives: Thursday, March 3, 2016

bosom buddies – 57/366

Who, besides my spouse, is my best friend?

No one.

I had an extremely toxic friendship about six years ago. This was a person who charmed people with an exuberant personality that was based on cruel gossip, backstabbing, setting up the underdog to fail, and making fun of all people that made her uncomfortable (including her clients, which were children).

I’m still so embarrassed by falling for this friendship that I shy away from getting too close. She burned me so hard, a burn based on lies and made up transgressions.

But it’s gone, I survived the venomous spit of a she-devil. (Indulge me as I still process this, I’m really mortified I sank so low).

I’m working on getting out as much of that toxic energy as I can. I’m trying to atone for cruel intentions by trying to be gentle, loving, and mor accepting. Not an easy task, I’m still human and have horrible sense of self (I struggle in reminding myself that I’m worthy and not a failure).

I’m trying to breathe fresh air.