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No so desperately seeking Susan – 84/366

What am I seeking?

Good god.

I am seeking acceptance.

Recently a friend pointed out that my one huge permeates everything weakness is feeling stupid and that if anyone wants to pound me into a useless mush, all they have to do is just tell me I am stupid.

I wish I could do justice to this prompt.  I am seeking being a good person. I am seeking giving back to the community, I am seeking being kind as often as possible.

In looking for an image for this post, I google images of “seeking quotes”.

It was not much fun for me, the results. Many were religious or so insanely self-serving that my eyebrows shot up with a grand curiosity as to how that would be a good thing or even a possibility… others seem incomplete.

And the truth in that is that I am seeking a way out of this insane tendency to be so damn judgey about things like quotes about  seeking.

Realizing this makes me feel stupid.

This is in a global sense, not just the book smarts.

I am most likely pretending to be seeking knowledge, and really doing more of just humoring the ideas that I have.

I have created a never-ending cycle for myself, haven’t I?

One in which I am never going to be good enough.

Utagawa Hiroshige – People seeking shelter from the rain

Chaos and all – 83/366

Today was a complete _____________

It is still spring break, I am still not doing much.

I cleaned the area around my bed side table… but I could argue that it was partially for health reasons.

I searched a quote for complete and got the one above. Who the hell is Austin Osman Spare, you might ask (at least I did)?

Here is this!

He seems like an interesting bloke, though the kind I would probably talk to until I got too weirded out by his crazy notions and promptly had to leave… because the way he is described in the wikipedia article in terms of his magico-religious philosophy  reminds me of my weird as fuck college roommate who thought her own “magico-religious philosophy” was soooooooo fucking important that in regaling me with her notions and ideas that even my attempts to get a brief respite by going to the bathroom were to no avail as she would follow me in and sit on side of the bathtub as I did my business. That roommate was wackadoodle! I ran in to a mutual friend and was told that in the mind of my crazy ex-roommate, I had done something so heinous that it merited some form of intervention… but that she was also forbidden from telling me about it.


Google complete look in images, this is what you get. I like the way it looks. This image has no real purpose.

Wait, Mr. Postman – 82/366

What did I get in the mail today?

The bane of modern existence and the digital age… we got junk mail!

I really should write letters more often, that way maybe folks would write back. But that does not even happen – mom sends cards that don’t even have a signature in them.


I recall when I used to beg to be the one that got the mail. Now I get it so that the house looks like people live in it.

Easy peasy- 79/366

The easiest thing about today…

It was all easy, really. If forced to pick the easiest it would have been going to the Easter party where I knew no one, not even the host. Living in the age of social media, my only tie was that the host and I both are descendants of people who arrived in AZ before statehood.


Squink & I with the band in the background at the spring fling


Schatzy & I at the spring fling

Actually, I had met one person before. Our local “Hip Historian”… We both ended up winning a costume contest (I got 3rd).


Marshall Shore and I showing off the prizes!


Tell me why? – 77/366

My hero is my hero_____________________

Like i said, I don’t really have one. Today is one of those prompts that ends up being empty. I should plan an alternative for more of these.

I don’t have an alternative now.

But I suppose the closest I get to having a hero is having people I admire.

I admire folks for a lot of things;

  • being gracious
  • being kind
  • standing up for the underdogs
  • being a careful thinker
  • not being a bully
  • smiling
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • etc.


then there is this:

I am a rancher at heart, now I have brand to show for it! – 75.5/366

My house was built before Arizona was a state.  As such, it has seen so many things and as I go to bed each night I try not to worry about the leaky pipe or the wobbly porch with a hole in it and instead try to concentrate more on what stories it has to tell.

This past weekend the grandson of the second owner of our home stopped by for a visit.

He grew up in the house and shared some marvelous stories with me.

I learned that there is a cover-up and I was sworn to secrecy.

I learned that Wilford  Hayden would ride his old mule from the ranch about five miles north after dinner and sit on the porch chattin’ until well past midnight.

I learned that the brand the Stevenson family use (and did so when they lived in my home) was this:

can we pretend it is for 6 Squink or (last name redacted)? Also, my cousin has a brand that needs to be renewed

I learned that I need to crash the next meeting of the Scottsdale Old-Timers club!