Thinking of things… 42/365

What was the last new thing I tried?

Nothing dramatically stands out.

…lemme think…

I tried a new eyeliner, which for me has so many implications (personally, anyway) that I was not sure I needed to list it. I get one of those services that sends make-up samples. I love it. I am not a make up person, and I probably have enough to last a lifetime… but I have learned what products I like and am trying to learn how to use them.

I don’t know that I have tried any new foods or other things.

I can say that I have tried using audiobooks to supplement my love of reading.  I was truly skeptical at first, but it is happening and seems to be working. Squink and I are currently listening to one together, and it is nice to hear him ask me to turn up the volume.

I accidentally left it playing once when we were in the car, and he enjoyed it, so now it is a part of our commute.  When he is not in the car I am listening to another book from my Goodreads list of books I want to read, Thomas More’s Utopia. I mention this in terms of this post because this is not the type of book I would recommend only listening to, it is a puzzle and is confusing. I am not sure of Thomas More’s intent in this story, though I had the immediate instinct that it was more of an exercise in philosophy. I am almost charmed by the way he skirts around the notions of pleasure and desire; talking about how to experience the pleasure of eating one must suffer through hunger.  What would he say about sex?


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