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TV or not TV, that is the question – 33/365

What is the largest TV screen in my home?

We have a TV, it has a fairly large screen… we don’t watch it. My son plays video games on it every once in a while.

Netflix on an iPad killed the TV Star!

I would venture to say that blogging about my TV is such a boring topic, and to reduce it to the size of a screen is tinged with the cliché (at least in my head) of “mine is bigger than yours”. But it is a prompt and as such I can go where i want with it. During these topics that seem to have little meat to them, trying to dig and make it more personal and story-like is tough.

My first TV was a black and white, it sat in a little used TV room in our home.  We did watch TV, but it was on special occasions. I would watch episodes of Mexican style wrestling, and El chavo del Ocho and then once a year I was allowed to stay up for the English broadcast of Sound Of Music.  TV did not ever have a huge impact, we spent a lot of time playing with friends or being outside.  My son is active and does not watch any TV. He does love his Netflix and YouTube though.  TV has sure changed a lot from the behemoth black and white TV I grew up with to where  video viewing is now.