Daily Archives: Thursday, February 4, 2016

Orange – 29/365

My favorite color is….


I was one of those kids who never really had a favorite color. In fifth grade, however, our teacher went around the room asking what was our favorite color and what was our least favorite color.  I was almost the last student that would be called upon, and I heard an endless progression of girls picking pink with a few being bold and saying red or purple and the boys moving between green, blue and a couple of yellows.

What was most striking to me as Mr. Kuiken was moving from one kid to the next was how many chose orange as a least favorite. I was flabbergasted by this, though I am not quite sure why. In some strange anthropomorphising of the color, I decided that I felt sorry for the color orange.  and when it came to my turn I proclaimed orange to be my favorite color with no least favorite (I was forced to choose so I said black, I think – a damn shame to be pressured in to finding something distasteful when it doesn’t exist in our ideal).

So, since that day in 5th grade I have loudly and proudly proclaimed my love of the color orange.