Daily Archives: Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I’m sorry, so sorry – 28/365

My last apology…

I apologized to my son last night. I was helping him with his homework and he had to use the school iPad to do it. I had never worked on pages before and so I was playing a lot with helping him format. I like new things, and am not afraid of new things, I investigate and discover so I was having a grand time learning the software.

I probably owe myself an apology, I tend to be hard on my self, with a very forgiving bent… but I tend to be extreme. I think many humans do this, see something in themselves that they don’t like and beat themselves up about it. I think that this is a necessary if not evolutionary process.  The whole torment of self is part of making something a learning lesson and process. Of course, there are exceptions; addicts have little control over substance abuse… I dated an addict who was in recovery, but went out of it. It was a miserable experience for me because i could not understand how his brain worked through the process of choosing his addiction to the expense of others.  I finally had to let go that they may go through similar processes to my experience when it came to things done under the influence, they were literally powerless over their addiction. To me though, that painful and embarrassing moment was a lesson learned, or at least the start of one.