Daily Archives: Tuesday, February 2, 2016

10 years?!?! – and – It co$t how much????? 27/365

Apparently I registered with WordPress 10 years ago. I remember what prompted it, and if you go to those first posts they are all password protected. I could remove them now, enough time has passed. Essentially, it was a way to learn how to deal with mean girls that were more grown women that bratty teenagers, but these grown women were rude and cruel and obnoxious.  The main one, the one who devastated me by her senseless wrath, apologized for it a few months ago.

any-who – back to my regularly scheduled daily posting prompts

The most expensive bill I paid in the last month….

probably the one of my time to the agencies I volunteer for.  Following that; I would say electric (it is winter) or cellular (because, can you say data gouge?).