F*@# Art, Let’s dance – 26/365

I had a t-shirt that said this when I was younger, only all the words (that f-bomb) were spelled out. When you grow up the daughter of the local art critic and a niece of a local artist, you get introduced to art in a very intense way.

What is my favorite piece of art, that I own….

That is tough to answer.

I love all my art.

I love the precious few drawings my son makes for me.

I love the pieces I have “on loan” that my aunt did.

I love the piece that my non -artist uncle (that did) worked on with an artist friend.

I love the paintings of me that an artist I consider to be like an uncle did.

I love the pieces that I have that other local artists did.

I love the one called relic, that is a mixed media piece done by a photographer.

I love the art we brought back from South America, colonial pieces with gold and angels around an ascending virgin.


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