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gimme, gimme, gimme – 23/365

what was my last major purchase…

define major?

I hate shopping. I hate shopping for anything, even groceries.

Because of this, I tend to consider any form of shopping to be major.

So, the last thing that I bought were groceries the other day, unless my Facebook request for Girl Scout cookies that I made about 10 minutes ago supersedes that.

if we look in terms of cost, I guess my birthday box from Stitch fix might be it.

The real major purchase was probably our car, but this is one  in which I did not participate since I hate car dealers.

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The sun will come out…. 22/365


and I will….

Tomorrow is Friday. I will wake up, wake the perfect spawn up, get us both ready, kiss the rest of the family adieu, and take us to school/work.

I will work, pick up the perfect spawn, drive home while listening to our favorite podcast (which is what is left after our commute in) or two.

We will arrive home, and be greeted ever so joyfully by our bouncing dog and much less grumpy father/husband.

I will be tired, I will want to take  nap. but, I am not really sure what will happen after this moment, it is ok not to know… keeps life fun.

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She’s so unusual 17/365

What made today unusual?

We fixed our vacuum cleaner. One has to love Dyson and how easy and user friendly they are to fix. We have had ours for going on 6 years or so, it is a true trooper.

What this means is that we (ahem, my husband) finally put the last of the holiday stuff away, just need to re-arrange the furniture and we are considered “recovered” from the holidays.

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the sun will come out, tomorrow 16/365

tomorrow will be better because…. it is a new day.

I will wake up after a dinner out with friends, where I get to taste a sushi roll named after my friend. I will wake up knowing I get to go to dinner with another set of friends, the kind you consider family.

I will wake up knowing I am alive, and happy… knowing that I can celebrate my world which is filled with things I consider gorgeous and beautiful.

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