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You can go your own way… (day 34)

The Day 34 prompt is:

What has been the best part of participating in the Author Blog Challenge? What are your suggestions for improving the next Author Blog Challenge?

There are several wonderful things that happened as a result of my participating.. I think the first was getting to a point where I realized something major that was holding me back and which needed to be dealt with.  Recovering from a serious illness, which sounds somewhat crazy since I was a lucky one and did not  need even more aggressive treatment, but facing our own mortality and doing that within the context of family is a strange thing to navigate.  Participating reminded me that I have this story, that has been bubbling up for a while, just needs to get put on paper.  I learned that I am my own worst critic, but that is something that is OK.  I was put in to a very reflective mode through this challenge,  on a personal side, it was helpful to speak about this to complete strangers… when I talked to friends and family I was told to just celebrate how lucky I was… but talking to strangers allowed me to work through something that was nagging at me, and I am feeling much better.

How would I suggest one could improve this challenge…? It is hard for me to feel like I can come up with something relevant. I loved the prompts, they were hard to work through (when I stayed “on prompt”), Sometimes when they were directed to published authors I felt hard to come up with how to answer something I had no idea about, but that was a fun challenge.  As for my going off prompt,  at that point when I realized I had something much more pressing that needed to be done I had to rely on a vague recollection that the prompts were not mandatory and that we could indeed go our own way and write the things that needed to be written about.  I was impressed by how organized this was.



Today, my hat-tip goes to Mary Ellen Stepanich, because having a do-wop quartet sing at your book reading is about as wonderful as it gets!