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The 5-Week Author Blog Challenge 2015 – Day 11

Prompt 11

Describe the research process for your book. Did you interview people? Travel? How prominent a role did the Internet play? If you didn’t do new research, how did you learn what you needed to know to write your book?

On going.

There are some major themes I want to use and one of those was/is love.

Love is an interesting philosophical topic and I started at Wikipedia for some thoughts… I used the Greek words for love as a start…. but at some point my own life experience intervened and I remembered that there had been some discussion of other Greek words, so I moved to google and found a list of six.

I liked the idea of the central characters to the story each representing these different kinds of love and how they can play out. So to this end I created a character spread sheep based on the specific aspects of each form that I wanted to use; who represented them, what was the conflict to illustrate it, how does the resolution show their aspect of love to be a higher state of being (this is magic realism after all, where emotions can have magical effects on the world).

If certain people inspire me, I talk to them, not as a strict interview process but as a way to see how the aspect of them that I am intrigued by affects their mannerisms and such. If there is something specific, like plane travel in the 1960’s , I look on-line and then follow-up with googling pictures and talking to people who experienced it.

Travel, since the stories I am currently working on are shaped by the landscapes of my youth in Latin America, travel was involved.. though not recent travel. I am starting to think that I should go back, with a keen eye… but the truth is that in many ways it is just a form of homesickness and I just want to go back.

In terms on doing that which did not involve research, I guess it is based on my very own experiences (which I consider a kind of research anyway and thus I find myself in a circular argument.


The hat tip today goes to Mary Ellen Stepanich, PhD as she reflects on the changing face of customer service. I have to agree, the face to face exchange between a provider and a subscriber has changed rather dramatically.