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The 5-Week Author Blog Challenge 2015 – Day 2

When did you begin writing? Describe your earliest memory of writing. Are you formally trained, or did your writing begin as a hobby? How did your writing habit/process/career develop?

I actually first started illustrating… when I was around five or so… it was before my writing skills were even formed, it seems that I wanted to tell stories. I filled an entire notebook with pictures of people having children. It was rather graphic, but there was a definitive story and one knew that I thought motherhood important. I recall being proud of the work. But as I look back on that, I am sure my mother was horrified to some degree that her precocious young daughter would come to her with something that showed a rather deep understanding about the mechanisms that need to be in place in order for an egg to be fertilized in humans.

I have never had an easy relationship with writing, my mother seemingly my main if only true fan. In college I turned in a writing  assignment only  to be told that it was obvious that I was not a native English speaker… to this day, I do not know what that meant. It seemed vaguely condescending at the time though I am sure a teacher would not offer up such a statement to a relatively unknown student with a vengeful bent.

I write very stream of consciousness. Which causes details to suffer. I am trying to explore how to bring details in to that kind of writing. How to write about the details that play in to the mood or the scene or even the characters. This is very important to me. Does anyone have any tips?

A hat tip to a fellow participant:

A poem by Caro Ness

A short gentle poem that captures details of a picnic at dusk. Go read it. It was a nice surprise!