Monthly Archives: August 2015


1) I’m grateful for the meme I share with my nephew. It’s about really good sauce. 

2) grateful for a chance to gaze upon  a beautiful plate after a lovely get together with a dear friend.

3) patterns in walls seem to give me a chance to smile.



1) asking to be forgiven is an intense enough experience to warrant being thankful for the ability to lay witness to the error of our ways, to own it, and learn from it.

2) magnificent skies. I’m so thankful to live in what is a citified great wide open.

3) I’m thankful for Boba Fett and the life lessons inter galactic mercenaries are innately predisposed with (and to).


1) I am capable of understanding the difference between life expectancy and life span.

 This doesn’t demonstrate such an understanding.

2) I have such mixed feeling about Voltaire… in the end, I suppose I have to like a good heretic.  
3) Paper dolls have an exceptionally special place in my memory cache. These are super cool!  
Simple things can make the “ever not so good terrible day much more tolerable.


1) My temporary crown fell out. I guess I’m grateful I have access to dental care.

2) my picture journal is sending me in to spirals of self loathing. I post a selfie and post my gut reaction. I’m grateful I know I need to stop that.

3) I’ve been experiencing phantom periods. Cramps, pain, everything but the mess. It’s very strange. I’m grateful I still have my ovaries. 

 This tea didn’t perform as labeled.


It is so hard to find gratitude when one is full of self loathing.

1) I’m grateful I have these baby callouses starting to form on my fingertips from trying to teach myself guitar.

2) I am grateful our new dog is steadily getting healthier.

3) I’m grateful that the woman I consider my mentor has never stopped believing in me.
That was really hard.
* I’m too lazy to figure out if the math in the picture is correct, let’s just pretend it is (and if you know off hand by looking, tell me). 


1) I got to spend time with a dear friend from Argentina tonight, before she goes back home.

2) I can fall asleep after a late night cappuccino (even if I do wake up a couple hours later).

3) My Squinks prayers at night astonish me and delight me, it seems Squink believes in a powerful but fallible god… something I’ve never considered possible and which provides a lot of thought and consideration. 

Gracias 3

1) I got invited to contribute to TEDx Experience on Medium. That I was asked and that my piece got accepted:


2)  I have the capabilities to record my child’s prayers at night. 
3)  I am grateful for quiet. I love quiet. I need quiet. I relish quiet. I can get quiet if I need to, it’s am under appreciated luxury and/or necessity.


Gratitude has been the sore spot for my last year… not in terms of gratitude coming from me, I think I did that well… but from childish behavior on the part of some family members who said I was “not thankful enough” and that “life is tough, get over it”… fuckers.

The end result is that i had come to a point where I felt that there no purpose to thanking members of my family (actually, at all), they seemed to feel I was inadequate and I while i wholeheartedly disagreed… they were entitled to that opinion.

So, here is me trying to employ gratitude again.

My inspiration for trying to tackle this is my friend Nettie over at Fearless. Thank you Nettie (I can’t believer we are both still blogging 10 years later)!

  1. I am alive.
  2. I was nominated for an award recognizing women who mentor and are leaders.
  3. Our new dog, while a handful, has been a blessing.