Daily Archives: Saturday, October 25, 2014

Day 25 – 40 days of writing – small things and gentleness

It is amazingly easy for me to love.

Being loved is ever so much harder.
Emails, texts, phone calls and conversations with loving support.
Prayers, whispers, meditations, sending of light, energy, vibes… all in my name.
A bouquet of flowers at my doorway.

A tin of gingerbread cookies

I sit in a whirlwind of these expressions of love and am so humbled.
It’s hard, I am not one to depend on the kindnesses of others.
I was chatting with my mentor, an allomother. 
Strangely, it is (at this moment) much easier to let go, to give in to this process. Gratitude is just so much more deeply felt, I find that in order to respect it, I need to let go of my deeply ingrained habits of not wanting to inconvenience people I care about.
So, this is about a lot of letting go…
 and wearing my pj’s for a while.