And I will chose to call it Retroactive abortion


It leaves me feeling wounded.

I was bothered by this article when it crossed my path, yesterday. But what made me do a double take was that it was in a feed that had THIS STORY right before it.

And I was left in a kind of stunned silence.

Because I could not see the difference between the two stories. Both were about making choices that involved children dying.

But, when I tried to talk to a Roman Catholic about it, I had a very hard time making that come across.  To them, there was a difference. I still can’t get to that point where one seems more morally right than the other.

According to THIS REPORT (see the video): The local archdiocese comment is “It would be wrong to judge the past by today’s standards.”

It is always wrong to judge.

But, I suppose, that is just me.

2 thoughts on “And I will chose to call it Retroactive abortion

  1. I thought God’s law and values did not change. That seems to mean this must be the exception to thou shall not kill. The church needs to provide us with the exception table presented to Moses.


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