Daily Archives: Thursday, June 5, 2014

And I will chose to call it Retroactive abortion


It leaves me feeling wounded.

I was bothered by this article when it crossed my path, yesterday. But what made me do a double take was that it was in a feed that had THIS STORY right before it.

And I was left in a kind of stunned silence.

Because I could not see the difference between the two stories. Both were about making choices that involved children dying.

But, when I tried to talk to a Roman Catholic about it, I had a very hard time making that come across.  To them, there was a difference. I still can’t get to that point where one seems more morally right than the other.

According to THIS REPORT (see the video): The local archdiocese comment is “It would be wrong to judge the past by today’s standards.”

It is always wrong to judge.

But, I suppose, that is just me.