Son of a B*&@#

So there is this article out there:

Mother’s diet affects the ‘silencing’ of her child’s genes

First of all, please click on the link… that baby in the picture reminds me of my first doll and of Squink as a “just out of NICU” newborn.

As an anthropologist there is nothing new in this, one has only to look at the effects of radiation of childbearing women to understand that these things have consequences. The thing about this is that you look at feast or famine type scenarios to examine child gene expression.

As a mother who had what one can call a crisis pregnancy, meaning that I was on bed rest… I have to admit to being intensely curious about how emotions prior to  and during pregnancy can affect gene expression.

The undeniable facts on undernutrition

Goodness, people… we have to feed our mommies and our babies!

The thing is, there are a whole set of emotions that accompany feast or famine… while it is possible to be happy during a period of nutritive stress, those associated nutritional deficiencies also manifest themselves in attitudes and behaviors… I mean we already know that there is a spectrum of disorders associated with women who drink, but how many are also related to the problem that the alcohol is masking. Yes, I realize that alcoholism is a disease in an of itself, but alcohol is a depressant and that had to have some behavioral manifestations.

I am just wondering, I guess… if you are an angry bitch to yourself and others what does that to do your future child?

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