My battle against an army with a thousand spears

As I was in my garden, cleaning my nopal from a horrid infestation of cochineal I was transported to another time and place. With the desert landscape it felt like the Mexican revolution as I began pressure washing the beautiful foamy parasite off of my gorgeous cactus, and this sent me into the fantasy story land that I am fortunate enough to have the ability to do.

I began to fight a horrid revolution; myself against a multitude of soldiers armed with spears. A torrential storm allowing for rivulets of blood to run past my feet as I attacked these multitudes of men that were creating a horrid death of something I so love. I stood and walked around trying to dispense of my newest enemy, rivers and pools of blood around my feet, my hands rife with the sting from the pelting of the multitudes of swords. I looked at the red ground, covered with the bodies of my enemy and thought myself invincible.


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